Fearful Writing

The past two weeks have been host to the worst writer’s block I have experienced. Normally, when I am disinterested in a scene or a book, I can work on another. This was horribly different. I couldn’t even tweet or blog, which is just pathetic. Worse, while I may have grudgingly typed 1000 words or so in my WIP (Book Three of the Heritage Series) I was not excited about them. I knew what my character needed to do, what scenes should follow, and even had ones further along to which I was bridging. I read blogs on how to overcome writer’s block, I read book-bios and studied pitch-parties to try and get inspired. Nothing worked!

It was starting to really affect my writer-ego, which was not a good thing to occur during the querying process. It was as if a veil had fallen between my mind and my writing. Writing was a form of therapy for a long time, and Book Three was drafted a few years ago when I was processing some pretty rough experiences.

It occurred to me that my character was experiencing the aftermath of terrible things and a lot of his reactions and responses were what mine had been. As someone who immerses themselves in their characters’ worlds, I really did not want to revisit that place. So I forged my very own writer’s block. If I wasn’t working on Book Three, I shouldn’t be writing, but I certainly didn’t want to dredge up an emotional mess again.

After discussion with a few friends / family members, I started to realize this. I had already processed things by writing this very book. Rereading and rewriting it may cause certain feelings to reemerge, but I would be WRITING. Yesterday I opened the document, found my place-marker and dubiously began to type.

Roughly 3,700 words later, I think it’s safe to say the writer’s block is gone.

I cannot name any particular thing that made the block disappear, but I can certainly say it was created because I was afraid. Next time you feel like you have your own block, think about your fear.


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