Book Review of UNTOLD, by Amy Spitzfaden

Untold coverThe protagonist, Katie, is a young woman in her final year of undergrad. She’s struggling with the usual issues of a final-year student — capstone projects and what the heck she’s going to do when she graduates. Then she meets Robin — a stranger that she feels like she’s met before. The two dance between uncertainty, friendship, and flirtation, all the while dodging the nagging idea that they have performed this dance before. When a student celebration and activism collide, Katie’s group of friends implodes and she’s left floundering between a forgotten past and an uncertain future.

I’m not much of reader of this genre, so this was a definite foray outside my normal reading. I wasn’t sure about the book until I read an excerpt posted during the Inkfingerz contest. The scene was quietly powerful and I knew I wanted to know the rest of the story. The writing was a bit different from what I’m used to and sometimes awkward, but the author shows a lot of potential. She has incredible insight into emotions and the confusion around heartbreak, friendship, and love.The story was fun, moving, and raw in turns. 4/5 stars.

I am looking forward to future books by Amy Spitzfaden. UNTOLD is available through Barnes and Noble and Amazon.
UntitledAmy Spitzfaden won first prize in the 2013 Writers’ Voices Competition. She graduated with a literature and writing degree from Maharishi University of Management in 2012 and now lives in Temple, New Hampshire with her husband, Ravi. She works as editor and social media manager at PSCS Consulting in Peterborough.


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