Book Review of HOW TO GET ARRESTED by Cameron J. Quinn

Arrested cover smallDemon fighting brothers Zurik and Trent D’Vordi are the main characters in How to Get Arrested. They’ve lived half-in the mystical worlds that surround our own, and half-out for much of their adult lives. They have hunting monsters down to a science. Everything changes, however, when Zurik’s caught on camera killing a group of the Fey — handsome, fanged, male creatures that kidnap young women. Enter Detective Jennifer Morgan, a tough, savvy young cop at Starsboro P. D. Now Zurik is forced to try and save the girls without being framed for murder, or the kidnappings themselves.

This series took me by surprise. I’m only just starting to get into urban fantasy, and I was blown away by the realism in this world. At first I was a bit confused by the length of the book — it’s only about 68 pages in paperback. Then I realized Ms. Quinn is releasing them as episodes, like in a TV series, and a new episode comes out each month. This is such a unique format and so far I’m impressed. There were a few moments where I wanted more world-building, more description, but I hope to see more of these things as the season progresses.

Ms. Quinn’s writing is quick and fun, and I could really get to know her characters though her style and emersion in their minds. The plot of this episode was clever and dark. There was just enough tension to leave me curious about the rest of the series. There is a good balance of what might become over-arching plotlines for the “season” as well more simple single-episode stories. I’m a huge X-files and Buffy fan, and How to Get Arrested is right up that alley. I look forward to the next episode.

You can find How to Get Arrested on Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo and Goodreads………/the-starsboro-chronicles-epis……/show/14778062.Cameron_J_Quinn


Cameron J. Quinn writes urban fantasy with a healthy side of romance. She currently lives in New England with her husband, two young sons, and too many animals to mention, but she hopes to travel a bit before truly settling down.  She works as the Head of Marketing at Amphibian Press; a small press dedicated to helping independent authors navigate the publishing ocean.


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