The Pact to Write Inclusively

The news lately has been pretty bleak — people dying, people killing. OK, so neither of those things are “news,” but we’re noticing it more, which is good, and protesting it more, which is better. Problem is, it’s still happening. I’m thrilled to find books with tom-boys, with non-straight women, but it wasn’t always easy. I can’t even begin to imagine the despair that comes from being unable to find images of people like you in roles/books you want.

I’ve written before about being an introvert and how that affects my writing. I’ve not written about how that affects my day-to-day life, mostly because it’s a complicated subject and sometimes I don’t feel comfortable vocalizing it (hello, introvert). Sometimes I’m fine with a bit of socializing, but often I am so crippled by my asocial tendencies that I can’t pick up the phone to pay my bills. I have a lot I want to say and experience and do and most of all HEAR, but I find myself unable to do so. This makes me the worst activist (OK, not the worst, the worst would be someone who didn’t want to do any of those things).

But I am a writer.

I might not feel able to march through streets with thousands of other people (you guys rock and are such an inspiration!), but I can use my words. Maybe no one will read them, but maybe one person will. He/She might be changed by my words, and that would be enough for me. I’ve been unconsciously writing inclusively for a while (diversity-lite, shall we say). I am making a pact to consciously make the worlds I write about diverse and inclusive. There will be people of all shapes and colors and orientations. And the thing is, it doesn’t change plots much to make those adjustments because humans are humans.

If you’re a writer or creator, read this blog, and consider yourself formally invited to make this pact.


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